Outbound shows can be arranged well in advance for schools, birthday parties and other special occasions.

Our shows are fun and factual covering some of Africa's deadliest snakes. Visitors are able to interact with the harmless reptiles. There are many options to fill any party or event such as:

Combine show (ages 10-99)

Here we cover the 3 most venomous snakes in the Western Cape. They are handled by the presenter and lots of interesting facts are shared. Then we bring a longs a few snakes aswell as other reptiles such as a Monitor Lizard and others.

Indigenous ID presentation (Ages 10-99)

Again we cover the 3 most venomous snakes as well as some more mildly venomous snakes. We also cover the harmless species you may encounter. There is touching and holding for the non-venomous snakes. We do bring a long something extra for photo opportunities.

These shows are great for students learning about snakes, Farm workers, Scouts etc

Harmless shows (Ages 2-99)

This is one of our most popular shows for kids parties and pre schools. Here we cover various types or reptiles so the shows are both fun and educational. We talking snakes, gecko, chameleon, tortoise, lizard and our favourite Monitor lizard.

Africa’s Deadliest (Ages 10-99)

We not playing around. This is a new show we are offering and this show will cover the most venomous snakes in Africa. Yes, you guessed it Black Mamba, Various cobras and adders. We do need a comfortable working area for this show so please contact us for more information. We can combine it with some harmless exotic species for interact.

Insect shows

This is where you can meet some of the six legged freaks. With the help of Creepy Crawler Feeders we offer you educational insect shows. This is a great way to get the kids focus on the subject. There will be screaming and some “oh gross” but what fun to be had and lots to learn.

Fear Factor (all ages)

This is a great combine effort between Reptile Garden and Creepy Crawler Feeders. If your looking for some team building for your staff then this is it. It is scary, gross, funny and exciting! This is one of our more expensive options due to the preparation that goes into it but it will be good fun. Put up a prise for the winning teams and see how far people are willing to go. Please book in advance for this option.